Next Stop - Malaga, Spain

Never forget that we live only once. Whoever told you that there is another chance lied to you. This life is all that we have, so use it. I try to live, not to talk about living but to actually experience things.

Let me be clear, Cuba vacation was not so good. Cuba as a country is not up to high standards in tourism. I knew that before we left there but my girlfriend was eager to see it for herself. 

We made the most of our time by being together. We did not complain much. All the shortcomings of the resort we forgot by enjoying on the beach. We walked every day at least 10,000 steps on that beautiful Varadero beach. 

We were together 24/7 without pause, we enjoyed each other with no fights. I am thinking, if we can be together day and night for 10 days we can certainly live together. Most couples hate vacation, they cannot stand being together for such a long time. 

This can't be no more than a song
I would like it to be a declaration of love
I love you
(I love you forever)

My girlfriend is the most interesting woman that I know. She talks with passion, mimicking her words with hands, eyes and entire face. I love her stories, I'm never bored with her. I can spend hours and hours being with and listening her.

We planned to see each other again in the beginning of October. First we wanted to go to Thessaloniki in Greece to look for an apartment for us there. But selling and buying property right now is not advisable with this high interest rates. So we were looking into some other city to meet, preferably in Europe. We chose Prague in Czech Republic but then I mentioned her Malaga, Spain. 

We looked at the airplane tickets and she has a direct flight from Belgrade on Sundays and I have direct flight (well from Montreal) every day. We arriving and departing almost at the same time so this is a great thing. So there we go... Malaga, Spain.

I have accomplished so many things this year. I replaced old kitchen appliances with stainless steel new ones - oven, fridge and dishwasher, I renovated bathroom and replaced old bedroom carpet with a modern, laminate floor. I've fully paid HST tax, paid up the maximum limit for lump sum payments to my mortgage, travelled to Punta Cana, Rome and Cuba... 

I'm looking forward to visit Malaga in Andalusia, Spain in October and to be with my girlfriend. We are going to get Airbnb apartment in the center of the city and then roam streets, try local food and have a glass or two or three of nice wine. Our plan is to be there 7 days.

You read this post to the end and it is possible that you envy me, being a bit jealous of my lifestyle. Don't be, don't read only this post but try to understand other posts especially ones in AWAKENING category. It all goes together... it's your universe. I would be perfectly satisfied with no travels at all... The happiness is my inner feeling and not something that comes from outside.

Anyway, in the end of December I'm going to Belgrade for 3 weeks vacation.