Getting Married

When it comes to setting and accomplishing things, you may think that announcing them on social media or telling all your friends will increase your likelihood of success. In fact, according to psychological studies, the opposite is true.

They say that when you set a challenging, long-term goal for yourself, don’t tell anyone about it — or, at most, tell as few people as possible. The fewer people you tell, the greater your chances of actually achieving that goal. 

This runs counter to how I behave. I write this blog very transparently, I tell here my plans, goals and expectations. I do that because I am guided with different set of rules. By telling you what I want to accomplish I am initiating Intent, the source energy of the universe. 

I don't believe my transparency will increase the likelihood that things will happen according to my expectations. I follow the Intent and I announce things I'm doing, without fears of failure. And this makes perfect sense, not being concerned of the outcome there is always ways to work with consequences.

My dear friends, I am getting married on January 11, 2024 in Belgrade. I proposed my girlfriend and she accepted me. We decided to get married even we will not be living together. There are lot of things to be done before we start living together. She will apply for her immigration to Canada immediately after the wedding in January. That is very important and the crucial thing for her life in Canada.

We are going to Malaga, Spain in October. I am going to buy engagement ring for her, also we are going to buy to each other wedding rings. We will have a lot of fun in Malaga and we are looking forward to that trip. 

I will come to Belgrade on December 23. We will be together for the New Year's eve... My daughter is coming to Belgrade on January 5... and the wedding ceremony will be on January 11. After that we will go to restaurant for lunch. We have called around 15 people to join us in our celebration. 

I will return to Toronto, together with my daughter, on January 14. My wife (at that time) will come to Toronto in March when we will decide where we are going to live. We decided to get 2 bedroom apartment and to rent my current condo. She will stay 3 weeks in March, maybe we will go for 7 days in Aruba... we will see.

She will get one way ticket to Canada in the second part of the next year. It will be so difficult for her, I understand and I support her with all my heart.