Saving money for what? I live now

Since I met my girlfriend my life has changed. After couple months of Viber texting I met her on December 25, 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia. Since then we are together.

We are having a wonderful time traveling the world. She was here in Toronto 4 times and I visited Serbia 3 times. We went to Amsterdam, Malta, Rome... we were on vacation in Cancun, Maldives, Punta Cana, and Cuba...

In July last year I changed my job, I became a contractor again. I'm satisfied with my salary and I like my work. This wouldn't happen without my beautiful girlfriend. She gave me the wings to fly and to feel young once again.

We live 10,000 km away from each other but we have travel to meet and be together. We have so much stories to tell that other couples who are living together don't have. So many photos, it is really difficult to choose between them, here are my Facebook stories.

I fully enjoy my life.... and in less than a month, we are going to Malaga in Spain... and then we are getting married in January in Belgrade. 💓