Ignite the Flame

In the last 100 years Toronto did not have such a nice weather as it is now. I feel great doing sporadic yoga practice, irregularly going to gym, and almost not going to walk at all. I have to change these three things in my life. Although I look good ... 90 kg, 191 cm, it is okay.

Last week I work hard at my job mostly fixing problems caused by other developers. Everyday I worked until 6 or 7pm.

On Friday nigh my friends and I went to Balkan Barcelona Gypsy Orchestra concert in downtown Toronto. We had a great time. 

I'm going to be simple in my expectations, goals, and tasks, I will be happier, I will get more done and be more successful. I will focus on my task of being awake.

There are really nothing worth in this world except self-realization. And when I focus on that, magically the other aspects of my life improve as well.

Most people sit around whining about their miserable life, and then they wonder why nothing good ever happens to them. I don't want to over analyze and think about that. Starting from today, in my daily life I'm going to increase physical activity.

Before I went to concert my girlfriend told me not to send her any video where I'm jumping with my friend Damir. We laughed that I always, from every concert, send her such videos. So on Friday night, of course I made a video, but I did not jump 😉

One week more I will be with my girlfriend... We will meet in Malaga, Spain. She will come one hour before me, straight from Belgrade. I am traveling on Saturday nigh to Brussel, Belgium and from there to Spain.

I cannot wait to see her.