7. The Mind

I do not negate the world. I see it as appearing in consciousness, which is the totality of the known in the immensity of the unknown.

What begins and ends is mere appearance. The world can be said to appear, but not to be. The appearance may last very long on some scale of time, and be very short on another, but ultimately it comes to the same.

Whatever is time bound is momentary and has no reality.The world lasts, but for a moment. It is your memory that makes you think that the world continues.

Myself, I don't live by memory. I see the world as it is, a momentary appearance in consciousness.

All idea of ‘me’ and ‘mine’, even of ‘I am’ is in consciousness. The idea of un-consciousness exists in consciousness only.

The world around us is your world you have in mind, not mine.

What do you know of me, when even my talk with you is in your world only? You have no reason to believe that my world is identical with yours.

My world is real, true, as it is perceived, while yours appears and disappears, according to the state of your mind. Your world is something alien, and you are afraid of it. My world is myself. I am at home.

Memory is in the mind. The mind continues in sleep. As long as the mind is there, your body and your world are there. Your world is mind-made, subjective, enclosed within the mind, fragmentary, temporary, personal, hanging on the thread of memory.

I live in a world of realities, while yours is of imagination. Your world is personal, private, unshareable, intimately your own. Nobody can enter it, see as you see, hear as you hear, feel your emotions and think your thoughts.

In your world you are truly alone, enclosed in your ever-changing dream, which you take for life.