30 Days of Ashtanga Yoga

Today, I'm starting a 30-day yoga challenge. From today to November 20 I will do every day half primary ashtanga yoga practice. This real challenge is a great way to restart my yoga routine, to establish a daily practice and gain the benefits that come with practicing ashtanga yoga.

I'm unclear for the reasons but since October last year I've found myself struggling with yoga practice.

A lack of motivation, getting older, or just poor timing but somehow I didn’t feel connected to the yoga practice, and ultimately I got to this point of my life where I'm not satisfied with my inner balance.

I'm an impishly immoral guy

Practice #1 for this challenge is finished today. I feel energetic and motivated to do something good for me. I'm in a good mood.

I'm and very busy at my work. The forth month of my contract is passing and I'm getting more and more accustomed with their technical system and working environment, they have a lot of benefits from my work. The new things are coming and there is a reason to believe that I will stay for a long time there.

First time after July of 2015 I have no debt, my line of credit account is on positive zero for more than two months. Despite of the large expenses for travelling and going out I have succeeded in my goal to be debt free.

Now, I want to save money. I will not pay off my mortgage yet, I still have a very good interest rate, until November next year, just 1.9% and in this inflation my monthly mortgage payment is low.

My dreaming reality is unrolling, I experience, people come in and go out from my life and events are passing by but I don't know who benefits from my experience. Zen teacher will say - why should be any benefit? There is only experience - chop wood , carry water - carry water, chop wood... for the sake of appearances. 

I'm closing some chapters of my life and opening new ones, thinking how lucky I am to be here and now at this exact place at this exact time. I have learned nothing in life except the fact that life is continues movement and change.

In the end what matters most is: How well did I live? How well did I love? How well did I learn to let go?