Howl of a Dog

It is Saturday night, I'm enjoying the evening. Today I washed the white stuff, towels and t-shirts, I did my yoga practice and I slept for a long time.. Now, I'm drinking beer, ready to disclose to you a secret of life.

Let me tell you the basic truth, you are fucked up. Perhaps you can call it as your human's predilection.

The basic emotion of you have on this planet is sadness. The sadness comes from a deep knowledge of wasted time. Basically, you, just like anyone else, on this planet, lead a cold and lonely life without feelings because your psychology is based on wrong socializing, wishful thinking and imagination.

You do not love this world. You have forgotten to embrace it with heart. The earth knows that and it treats you like as an alien. That's why you feel sadness, wherever you are, your existence is painful. You roam on this world without love and heart.

This is the predilection of a human being. This earth, this world and your existence.

I don't count myself anymore in the general pack of people. I'm a lone wolf.

Yesterday, I was standing on Bloor street waiting for my friend to get Starbucks coffee. Besides me were a girl with a dog, some German Shepard. From far away a firetruck was approaching with sirens. The sound of sirens became louder and the dog started barking...

Then the dog stated howling. I listened. That sound is the saddest thing you can hear.

That dog's howling resembles a forgotten voice of a man. It maybe comes from a dog but it is actually a voice of all wrong things in people's life, their sadness, their inner feeling of dissatisfaction.

While firetruck was approaching the dog pointed his head toward the sky... The whole situation gave me a little shiver since the sound of a dog was mixed with very loud firetruck sirens. The young girl took some treats but the dog was not seem to be interested.

That howl of the dog, and the loneliness it creates, speaks of the feelings of all people. That howl is a  “cry for help”...

You live your entire life like on Sunday afternoon, the afternoon which is not miserable, but rather wrapped in boredom, dull and uncomfortable. You sweat and fuss a great deal. But you don't know where to go, or what to do. Your life, like the Sunday's afternoon, left you only with the memory of petty annoyances... and then suddenly it is over, it is already night.

And here, I've reveled to you the secret of life.

What? You want an explanation? 

Look at yourself, you have gotten to the explanation, but it doesn't make any difference that you know it. You're more alone than ever, because without an unwavering love for your own being, your sense of presence that gives you shelter, aloneness is loneliness.

Only the love for your "I AM" sense can give freedom to your spirit and freedom is joy of living.
You can go still further than that, you can learn to see things around you. Upon learning to see you no longer need to have anyone in your life. Upon learning to see without imagination and projections you become everything by becoming nothing.

You, so to speak, vanish and yet you're here.

I would say that this is the time when you can be or can get anything you desire. But you desire nothing, and instead of playing with people like they are toys, you see their sadness so vividly. The only difference between you and them is that you know about it, while others don't.

And there you became a lone wolf, like me... you no longer have an active interest in people and the world. Seeing things as they are has already detach you from absolutely everything you knew before.
Don't let the idea of being detached from everything you know give you the chills. The thing which you should be afraid of is not to have anything to look forward to but a lifetime of doing that which you have always done.

Think of the loud sirens of the firetruck and a dog and his barking, your feelings, the best of you, ramble aimlessly between these two.