You create your experience of reality


One way or another you're living the stories you picked up early in life. It is left up to you to decide what parts of your life story are a metaphor, and which are not. It's fun... seeing what actually exist, and what doesn’t exist, and what’s a memory and what’s a story.

How your story unfolds depends on your interpretation where you're always presented by different choices where your memories and desires, history and dreams, all flow into one.

You have emerged from nothing, you have a name, consciousness of self, deep inner feelings, inner yearning for life and self-expression and with all this... yet... you have to die.

These inner feelings and desires are your story-line and you are so attached to that you want it to hold on to it... forever. And as a consequence of such attitude you are trapped in the future, stuck in a mental abstraction outside the present moment.

Face you own mortality. It is only when you find some way of reconciling your mortality that you can fully be present, that you can be whole and find some grace. 

All spiritual teachings said that you create your own reality and that you are what you are believing. This saying has been part of our culture for thousands of years now, from The Buddha to the present...

What you dwell upon you become. - The Buddha

It is done unto you as you believe. - Jesus Christ

Whatever a person’s mind think on intensely and with firm resolve, that is exactly what he becomes. - Shankaracharya

We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. - Talmud

We become what we think about all day long. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. - Napoleon Hill

Change your thoughts and you change your world. - Norman Vincent Peale

Let’s get one thing straight. You do not create your own reality! Period. Your thoughts does not create anything. The positive thinking does not manifest things in front of your eyes, your visualization and dreaming are not going to get you what you want.

However, you do create EXPERIENCE of reality. It is YOUR experience. Your thoughts about everything create experience of YOUR reality. This distinction is critical, and far too often it’s ignored in favor of the far more attractive idea of being in control of reality by the power of thoughts.

Let repeat, you actually create your experience and that is your reality. The creation happens always in the present moment. You are responsible for your daily moments. There is no past or future but only the present.

It is important that you realize that you are not at the mercy of the universe, that you are not at the mercy of the world, anything or anyone. All events are neutral and you give them meaning and by doing so you create your experience, your reality.


Although consciousness is universal and the knowledge "you are" and whatever knowledge there is, is all common, its expression thought the body and the mind is individualistic, there everything is different.

Whatever goes on in the world is based on consciousness only. The consciousness acts through the words. The entire action in the world is based on this, but YOU, the experiencer or the witness is totally apart from that. Do not be mistaken to take yourself to be consciousness. You are the One who is conscious - you can not be what you witness.

Whatever unhappiness in this world you think you have is based on that wrong concept which is build up due to consciousness. You are never happy, always busy, looking, preparing for the next big thing.

I'm feeling your pain, because just like you, once I was going after so many things: my career and education, personal and spiritual development, my relationships, health, and wellness. Just like you, I had some short fun between long states of sorrows!

But I stopped running. I don't give a shit for superficial goals. You don't get it? Okay, you see, I have nothing to do. You have a lot to do, it is often hard for you to know what to do first so you miss the most important thing in life... the present moment.

Don't be your enemy! You doubt, complicate life, cloud your mind with unimportant thoughts and negativity, you punish yourself, hate yourself and then feel sorry for yourself because you create the experience that your life is a living hell.

You have wrongly identified yourself with consciousness and the consciousness has identified with the body and the mind. That gives you experience of the world... just words. 

Life is tough for everyone. The richest of the rich have problems. The poorest of the poor have problems. We live on a planet where everything decays, where nothing lasts.

If you realize that you create your experience of your world through your thoughts and desires, then you have learned the most important aspect of reality - the world does not actually exist. This is what you have been set out to learn in current life. 

I have told you, you create your experience and that is your reality. What are you going to do with this truth it is up to you.