Every morning make your bed

Yesterday, my daughter was working from my place

Believe it or not but there never were any problems in the past, there are no problems today, and there will never be any problems in the future.

If we have a strong identity, personality, strong opinions, firm character, then there are problems, because our personality always gets into trouble of some kind. There is always friction of our expectations and the "reality". But if we learn to forget ourselves, where are the problems?

What I write here on my blog is utter nonsense. It really has no meaning because you are reading from standpoint of your personality. You are judging my words, agreeing or disagreeing with me but I'm really writing my confession. It’s useless for many of you.

I’m not telling you to do yoga, or to meditate or to drink tequila and beer. This is just my personal bullshit, the way that I feel. Now, does it brings some new understanding to you? I don't know..

My friend Sasha comments on my last post

If you ever read my post, please, do not try to analyze or judge it, or to try coming to any conclusion. Just try to see for yourself the falseness of everything in this world including your personality.

Many of us believe in a official news. Even we say we do not, we actually do. We have programmed in such a way that we strongly believe that there is a cause for everything. In truth there is no cause. There isn't any cause for anything. Everything in this world is happening spontaneously, randomly, without any cause.

Since there is no cause there is no effect, so don't look at reasons, for why we are like we are, or this world is like it is. We have to accept simple fact that "we" are not and the world is not, "we" and the world are just temporary appearance.

The only sin we do in this world is that we believe that this world is true. That is a meaning of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is actually us, in this world. The thoughts take all our attention and it effectively blind us in the vicious circle of "what-if". What-if is the mind, what if that happens, what if I lose my wife, what if I lose my job, what if I stay with no money...

Jesus Christ had to die, in order to raise to Heaven. So "we" also have to die, our personality must die, everything that we believe, cherish and hold to, so dearly, in our mind has to die.

Let me be straightforward as much as I can...  We exist forever. Our personality has no existence, the world has no existence, the universe is a big lie, without us it is not there. We were never born and we cannot die. Personality is born and it will die.

Our ideas, concepts, notions, feelings, attitudes make up our world which basically has no existence of its own.

I like this photo... an unshaved and unconcerned, handsome man

Think of these things instead thinking about useless fears. Have you noticed, all thinking is related to fear. We don't know who-we-are so we are afraid.

In young age, we are thinking about our appearance, the presentation in this world, we fear getting married. As we get older we fear about our family, about things we have, we fear getting divorced, and we try to acquire things as much as we can, so having them, we fear of losing them, as an old person, we fear poverty, we fear getting sick and alone, and finally we fear death.

Whatever we fear is a lie created by our mind, and why not say - created by our own stupidity. Nothing matters in this world. What matters is how we react to the events, how we see it, what we expect and hope. This is true of every aspect of our life.

We've been trained to believe that world is true, since we were kids. Kindergarten brainwashed us, our family, the school, the system brainwashed us, and here we are.

I really have no advice for you, except one - every morning make your bed!

Every morning, while coffee is in the coffee machine, I make my bed. If I do it right, edges are equals, blanket is tensed, pillows centered exactly on each side of the bed. It's a simple task, but every morning it required patience. 

Maybe, to you it seemed a bit pointless, especially since you sleep well until afternoon. But this simple routine will eventually reveal to you the act of wisdom.

If you make the bed every morning, you've completed the first task of the day. This will give you a small sense of pride and encourage you to fill out another task. 

Making a bed will remind you how important the little things are. If you want to change the world, start with this.