The Fantasy of Forever

If things lasted forever, what would make them special?

You’ll fall in love, you’ll fall out of love, or lose the ones you love. You live and you’ll die. So many people before you have lived, loved, succeeded, failed, and died. You aren’t any different. 

Nothing lasts forever! 

Rather than being depressed by this fact, however, feel grateful, excited, and uplifted in this life. The endings make things valuable.

The reason why I like romantic movies is because they are telling you stories about love that lasts forever, when in fact, only a fool would believe that going into a relationship means that there is a happy ending waiting for. 

I am that fool, I don't want to see that I'm irresponsible of being in love. I know very well that my heart will suffer in pain, eventually. And that's okay, because I also think it's my birth's right to be immature.

You may find my thinking to be strange, but consider... Forever is a trap you as a human are easily deceived by. 

My advice is that even if you think that woman you like is the one you want to be with forever, do not tell her; do not let her know. 

Don't ever turn her into a fool who believes that forever is a time and place in the future you want to go to. 

Don't make her believe that being together means squeezing your lives into a single one until the end of time. Forget it.

Do not look forward to forever 

It's definitely a powerful word, which makes you somehow immortal. But I guess forever can be temporary, too, just like my ex who broke my marriage fantasy, forever. Yes, marriage is temporary, divorce is forever, so please don’t take your relationship seriously.

As far as I am concerned, I am in the relationship and I am pretty hopeful that it will last, well, forever, even I am fully aware that my relationship is bound for failure. Almost a year ago, I thought the same so don't ask me how things are.

The forever... sounds hollow. Isn't it? Are you eyes rolling? 

Do you believe that forever is shallow, imbecilic even. But Who are you to judge me? In fact, what’s wrong in believing in forever? 

What’s wrong in believing that some things may end sooner than expected but other things may last for a lifetime?

I don’t have a problem with you who don’t believe in forever, but I have a problem with you who brings me down. I like forever, because I don’t see the point of investing so much time and emotions on someone if I’ll only think it's a temporary thing. 

Maybe my relationship won't last forever. Maybe this forever will end next week or next month. But today I love her, and she makes me feel like that I could love her forever. 

What's wrong with that?