The Three Words You Should Never Use

My dear friend, how are you? 

Do you live your life as you like it? 

It is a small probability that you do. Everyone I know is in a deep sleep, including you, my daughter, relatives, friends. Every one of you live a life without concerns to the truth. You may mock me and say... good for you Zee, it is a wonderful that you're awake. I don't really care.

Actually, I must disappoint you. It is not so great to be awake. I see things around, I pretend to live a meaningful life but deep inside myself I know all this is nothing, all this is just a passing show. Out of compassion I write this, I see you suffering, struggling, the life for you is a difficult, if not all together painful.

I cannot make you to be something what you're not. You have to work for yourself, for many years to come to the point of dissociation with thoughts and the sense of "I". But I can make you this, seemingly real world, a little bit less hostile place for you. Today I want to tell you a secret of getting what you want in this world.

You may heard before that our words are a tool for the mind to create a reality. Words are used by you in your daily life without even knowing the effects of those words on your life. Today I'm going to tell you to stop using three words, in sentences or in phrases of your talk. The best is to remove them from your vocabulary. This is a knowledge you do not learn in schools, in media, in news...

The three words you should stop using are: hope, need and can't. 

These words, that you believe to be so innocent, are blocking the universal manifestations from coming into reality, in your life. You use these words without even knowing their adverse impact on your life. As soon as you become aware of these words and remove them from your daily vocabulary you will find out that your life is changing.

The phrase "I hope" when you say it then there is a negative energy attached to it. There is a negative emotion that is hiding behind the word "hope". 

The universe is based on emotions, it holds emotions of what you believe (your mind oscillation, your frequency as a human being). If you say that you can't get something in your life and you are "hoping" - waiting for a miracle or by any chance for it to happen you are saying that you do not believe that it will ever happen. You are putting yourself in a state of deprivation you are saying that you do not believe that you are worthy of something good to happen.

I don't care about the New Age's concept of Law of Attraction. Maybe it is true maybe it is not. I know one thing, the words carry on your vibration, your emotional energy and the universe responds with the same energy, giving you events back... your life consists of those events. 

The energy that you radiate into the universe is what is going to come back to you. If you are coming from a intent energy of "hope" - feeling deprivation and unworthy then that is what you're going to attract to yourself. The more you feel the deprivation the more that deprivation creates events you experience in life.

The second word that you're using so much without any regard to it's meaning is word "need". 

I need to have more money, I need to have a girlfriend, I need to have a successful business, I need a car, I need a house etc...

What you are actually saying every time that you say word "need" is that you are a needy person, noting else. You are saying that you are living a life of deprivation, you are running behind things that you do not have in life and the universe will react the same, leaving you embattled from within that is what you feel that you deserve.

All you have to do is stop looking on the outside for your happiness.  Your intent will only repel your happiness away from you. The more you will be desperate for something, the more the universe will continue to make you deprived of it. It is the energy that you put into your words again that makes your reality.

Focus on the things that you have in life and begin to radiate positivity based on those things. When you are stress free, satisfied with yourself, the universe begins to bless you in miraculous ways. New Opportunities will begin to show up without you trying to push yourself toward them.

The third and the most negative word that you can say for yourself is the word "cannot" in a phrase "I cannot do". 

It is not a problem if you say "I cannot do" and then leave it. The problem is that you're trying so hard to do something and at the same time you're  saying "I cannot do". Do you understand difference here. If you "cannot do" leave it alone, don't even try, forget it, but many times you're doing a thing saying "I cannot do" and that is a recipe for disaster. 

Your world is filled with infinite possibilities of everything to happen. You have direct impact on your world. With your vibration and words which carry on those vibrations the universe creates your reality.

Make decision for yourself today that you are going to change your life for the better because you have the power to change your reality. You hold everything within you that you have always desired. 

Change "hope", "need", "and "cannot" words into something that has different vibrational energy, change them to feeling of certainty, largeness, satisfaction and joy so whenever you catch yourself saying "I hope", "I need", "I cannot" change these phrases with "I know", "I will", "I'm going to", "I deserved for", "I'm worthy of", or similar...

Begin to invest in yourself and stop telling yourself that you cannot do. You can do everything that you can think of. Believe in the power of yourself and trust me amazing things will begin to happen to you.