Where logic ends - Cuba begins

Finally after 10 of hot, humid days and nights my girlfriend and I are returning to Toronto. This was the worst vacation we ever had. The resort we are in which is supposed to be the best is failing apart.

Our room towels are not replaced in the last 5 days. Constant bad smell from the local sewer is so strong especially in the night that sitting on balcony makes an uncomfortable experience.

The food shortage is common. We did not see potato and tomate or any other salad at all. In first3 days there were eggs but now there is some mix of eggs and milk.

I think I have lost 2 kg since I am here. We visited Havana 2 days ago and we were so disappointed. The visit left us with real sad feelings for Cuba and Cubans.

Freedom did not know how to sing to the Cubans as they still sing about it today.

Inflation, electricity restrictions, shortages of fuel and basic foodstuffs such as bread, milk, meat, and even water, are everyday life in Havana and the interior of the country.

Cuba has been under sanctions by the United States of America and the United Nations, with brief interruptions, for more than six decades.

The covid pandemic, due to which they had no tourists for two years, made life even more difficult for them.

And how do Cubans actually live today?

They say never worse in the last three decades. They do not remember this kind of crisis and economic collapse since 1991.

The average monthly salary today is around 30 euros. Doctors and scientists, as the most respected class of society, earn around 50 euros.

Cubans claim that they are masters of improvisation and that there is no old car, stove, water heater, whatever, that they cannot fix. But they cannot fix their government.