4 Simple Rules To Follow

In my life I'm searching for peace, happiness and truth. That's the whole problem. The search! So I'm going to stop my search for some better life. Fuck the better life.

The main goal of my life is Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Moksha, Liberation... 

There are no rules how I should behave in this world however, it is good to follow some guidance in order to remind me and keep me in line with my life's goal...

1. Self - Awareness

Contrary to our beliefs, there are really only two things in universe; world (perception) and existence (awareness). To take interest in what has happened is to get involved in worldly affairs. That leads to nowhere.

At all time I should be aware of "I AM sense" and separate the sense of presence from my thoughts and words. Whatever I do, I have to be aware of my existence.

My attention should be placed in the sense of presence and not on my individual self. It is not self-observation where I have to observe my thoughts and feelings, it is actually forgetting my personal "I" and acting in the world. Performance is what matters and not the performer.

2. Detachment from personality

The key of self-realization lies in DOING JUST NOTHING. It is the road across boredom, melancholy and depression. Activities create misery, worry and anxiety and they are included in the world. Being aware and let things happen on their own natural way is the key.

I want to detach myself from others and stand alone. Let's do things that must be done without engaging in something new. To do something is restlessness of the personality -  identification with the body. It is the habit of ignorance, the habit of engaging in some activity all the time. I have to learn to leave people and things as they are.

I have to pay special attention to things that make me angry and investigate why something insults me and be completely free of anger. Usually the anger comes when my expectations are not met. The surge of anger indicates my habit of wanting to dictate things to others.

3. Compassion and humility

Generally talking, I'm completely and utterly alone. I have to forgive those who don't understand me and out of their own ignorance try to harass me. Generally I don't harbor hatred towards anyone. I have never had desire to take revenge because that results only in misery. I should not create enemies, rather forgive and move on.

Life is tough, not only for me but for everyone on this planet. There is no need to define why it is so, it just is. I need to be kind to others. Compassion is nothing else but stopping saying cruel words to anybody.

I am satisfied with what I have. The rich is not the one who has a lot but the one who needs less. I am not greedy, not even for spiritual knowledge.

4. Performance is all that matters

Humor, flexibility, and being "large" from the very core of my heart is the key for happiness. Acting with lightness, humor, radiating energy of happiness and letting others take it, enjoying whatever I'm doing.

In reality, whatever I've seen and experienced means nothing. Nothing has ever happened. To gain Self-Realization, the world has to be left as it is. Even the world is false, yet I indulge in it. That shows my doubts and spiritual immaturity.

Illusion is nothing. However much I may have achieved in this world, yet all is false.

To leave the world as it is, is the great act of courage. Fear underlines misery. I should be free of any fear knowing who I Am and enjoying it while it lasts. As awareness, I'm free and I should behave like that.

These are four simple rules of my behavior. It is all directed towards Self-Realization. To be one with my true nature is happiness. Being happy, leaving others as they are. I'll not judge anyone and I'll stop all gossip around me. The real fact is that I don't consider people's actions as important. 

That's it.