On the Road to Infinity - Part I - Knowledge Is the Greatest Ignorance

The quest

You are born with an innate thirst for the search for truth. It is not something learned or acquired in life. You are, but you don't know who you are. The question is there from the very beginning and you must know the truth of your being. It is not curiosity.

Truth gives you conviction. Only with conviction can you undertake any purposeful action. Your behavior is governed by your conviction.

You are born seeker searching for your own being. You're being incomplete until you've found that supreme principle by which you can explain your existence in this world and discover the purpose and meaning of your life.


Billions of human beings never bother about this. 

If you happen to be curios, your society easily destroys you. The world has very sophisticated ways and means to finish up your quest, to remove the question from your being, or at least cover it up.

You're told that you are a soul, that you are a spirit, that you are not a body, that you are not material. In communist countries you are told that you are a body, just material, and that story about soul is just a superstition. 

In both cases you are being given an answer. Your mind is delicate, pure, and you trust your mother, your father, your teacher – there is no reason for you not to trust.

From very early in your life you have created beliefs, and beliefs kill the quest. You went to school, you became more and more knowledgeable. Education as well the religious education is there, and there was no end to collecting knowledge. 

Your entire life and, even now, you have collected all this futile knowledge, not only futile, but false, because the first step has gone wrong. 

The question of who you are was not asked, and the answer has been implanted in your mind, and since then you have been collecting more and more bullshit.

The ignorance means that the journey will never begin. 


The search for truth is really the search for the reality of your being. You cannot understand your being because then it is you (who understands) and your being (what is understood), duality is still there. 

You have to be. 

Once you have entered into the being, you are the whole world. For that you need to be brave, not to be afraid of yourself. On that point there can be no compromise, no cheap borrowed knowledge.

Just be pure, spontaneous and natural, and out of that purity, naturalness, openness, innocence, the quest is bound to start.

Socrates was condemned for corrupting people, and all that he was doing was the simple process of removing borrowed knowledge and helping his disciples to see the falseness of their beliefs, and to be themselves - “to know thyself.” 

Why are you afraid? 

Your knowledge is unfounded. Everything what you believe to be true is wrong. Your knowledge, your answers are bogus because you don’t even have questions, you are only repeating things, parrot-like but you don’t have any understanding of what you are knowing.

The knowledge is the greatest crime in the world in which, unfortunately, you are living.

Your knowledge blinds you, you are lost in a jungle of words, theories, doctrines, dogmas. There are so many, and they are so contradictory to each other, that soon you will find yourself more and more confused; more and more knowledgeable.

The intellectuals, people who think too much, who complicate things and pay attention to the knowledge only. They are already dead, maybe alive but spiritually they are walking zombies.

Intellectuality is ugly, it's absolute rubbish. 

The useless knowledge has been poured upon you by others, and you are carrying a load of it. The load is such that it will not give you any opportunity to inquire on your own what truth is. 

Your already know the truth. You found it in the Bible or in the science, your question is answered, the quest is finished. All that have come from the sources outside you; it is not be your discovery. 

That which is not your discovery is not yours.