Are you afraid of being happy?

I'm a traveler through this life and I look around observing this world with a curiosity of a small kid. What I saw is something so strange. People are afraid to be happy. 

It isn’t that they don’t want to be happy or that they enjoy being sad. They have learned somehow that happiness has must be earned. They think that being happy will come at a price, that happiness has the end and it will followed by some calamity and misfortune. 

There is even saying, don't fly too high, when can fell down it'll hurt you more. Yeah, people on this planet are so fucked up. Deep inside their psyche there is a core belief based on superstitious that good luck produces misfortune. 

I wonder why such a belief is not applied for other way around, that misfortune would lead to good fortune and sorrow will yield to joy.

Modern psychology has categorizes mental diseases, precisely, defined them to explain medical conditions. At least they have enumerated, classified and named all the mental problems of the people of this planet. And really looking into dictionary I found Cherophobia. Here you go.

Cherophobia is a phobia where a person has an irrational aversion to being happy. The term comes from the Greek word “chero,” which means “to rejoice.” When a person experiences cherophobia, they’re often afraid to participate in activities that many would characterize as fun, or of being happy.

I found on the net that someone who has cherophobia isn't necessarily a sad person, but instead is one that avoids activities that could lead to happiness or joy like going to a joyful social gathering, like a party, concert, or other similar event. They reject opportunities that could lead to positive life changes due to fear that something bad will follow. They refuse to participate in activities that most would call fun.

This subject is so interesting. Everyone is in a search of happiness, everyone wants to be happy and satisfied but at the same time they are afraind of being so. Typical oxymoron situation just as it is the life itself.

Where is a catch here? 

It's a so simple. Happiness is taken to be a feeling produced from outside by something that is pleasurable and dear to the mind. Fulfilling expectations is an example of that. It is a mind that imagine things and if that happiness it is satisfied for a short time. 

Let's look at a romantic love... Couples who are together and love each other, so often talk about break up, what will happen then? They even cry. They listen to sad songs and they cry imagining how would be difficult if (or when) they relationship finish. It's so ridicules, it's fucking bullshit, but they do not see it.

People are afraid of being happy

I don't take happiness to be something other than my own self. 

I'm a happy guy because I have discovered that happiness comes from my being, from my sense of self. In the core of self-sense is love, happiness, light and bliss. No one can ever take that from me. 

It is so wrong to take fulfillment of desire as a happiness, but it's true, that fulfillment brings pleasure. Desires are not something bad as many spiritual teachings and religious books tells us, they're okay, they're driving force of the universe. Desires are related to personality and the mind, imagination, creativity etc. But the fulfillment of desire is not happiness.

All desires in a person forms a kind of energy body, it is called a "casual" body. The word "casual" is a tricky here. It is not related to casual like a feeling of being relaxed but it's more like in cause of effect. It's rather an inspirational body, the energy which surrounds a person.

The casual body is a core of personality. Of course, it's a false thing but we all have it. When person is dead, it means that his casual body is detached form his physical body, 

That casual body can be attached to another person. I have wrote about it in the past, you can read it here... A Tale About Fate, Luck and Love but I'm not so sure you understand that.

Anyway, I'm running out of the time. Think about it, this is a real thing,  adapt new attitude, find out that you are source of happiness. 

My friends, I'm not afraid of being happy and I wish you the same.