Serbia, Cheap But Pricey Country

When used as adjectives, cheap means low, reduced in price, whereas pricey means expensive. That is Serbia. 

In the morning I bought a groceries and I noticed how much expensive it is here. Of course it is a way cheaper than in Toronto but the food and drinks prices are almost doubled since last year. 

This morning, I went to Cacak, my birthplace. My father was waiting for us. I met my relatives and then we went for a lunch. We then visited other relatives and returned back to Belgrade. MY niece and her husband came over and we had a nice dinner.

The price for the dinner for 4 people with multiple drinks was around $130 what is nothing for Toronto standards but for Serbian salaries this is so expensive. Regardless it was Monday night and the restaurant was full of people. The Serbia is only place in the world where smoking inside in the restaurants, pubs and bars is allowed. I enjoyed the evening.

What am I thinking about Serbia?

I was a kid, maybe 15 years old when I decided to leave my birthplace and go to live abroad. I did not like that artificial country - Yugoslavia. I'm not Yugoslavia nostalgic and I like it that country was broken. It was an artificial multicultural, multi religion country where communist's where leading a life of upper class while common people was satisfied with cheap cars and free apartments. 

A week after I graduated, I left the country. I went to Sweden and tried to go to US. I was with my ex wife there, my girlfriend at that time. We did not succeeded with US immigration but we got visas to Canada. We moved there in the beginning of 1995.

Living in Canada for 28 years has left a deep influence in my personality. I like Canada more than Serbia. In these 28 years I have improving constantly, in material and spiritual regards. I'm working hard like so many people in Serbia but the difference is that I am paid well for my work while they in Serbia are not.

I have a big problem with corruption and side ways of doing things. In Serbia nothing can be done straight. Everything is corrupted, from the politicians, doctors, lawyers.. police, everything, all the way to the bus drivers...

Everyone knows everything here, Serbians take themselves as the most knowledgeable in all the arias of life. I don't think they are, far from that, I'm not sure from where that high opinion comes. They take us, the ones that have left Serbia a long time ago, as a na├»ve, not really adequate for the life in current Serbia, that they are much more capable for the survival here. 

Of course that is a bullshit, the life abroad is much more challenging and rewarding than life in Serbia. Being capable for living and cheating on every single step is a not accomplishment in any way. I like quiet, well organized life that gives me opportunity to turn my attention on myself and my spiritual growth. 

In Serbia there is nothing to find in that regard, I mean the spiritual life is dead here. People don't have energy for it. 90% of population is all about survival, they barely meet their basic needs. On other hand there the small wealthy people are oriented toward money making, they are driven by greed only.

By the birth I'm Christian orthodox but I don't really feel like one. I'm not religious guy, I despise orthodox church and their bullshit teaching. I blame them for the current spiritual situation in Serbia. People are ignorant without proper spiritual lead. What is worse, there is nothing here in Serbia that will improve situation.

Since I left this country, I was improving in spiritual life up to the point where I met the self-realization concept. I made it my life's final goal. It is time I spend in Canada that made me like this. It is a great success, my biggest accomplishment, to lead life for enlightenment. Most people in Serbia have no clue what is all that.

I'm thinking should I return here for the retirement. It is a cold realization of this simple truth that make me rational about my future plans. The life in Serbia will not change, and I don't see myself in this environment. I must stop imagination about buying a place and moving here.

Serbia thanks but no thanks.