A saint of ordinary life

My fight to be awake is the constant fight to regain attention from the mind and to place it into sense of presence. 

I'm a saint of ordinary life

I live at High Park area of Toronto in a small, 550 sq. feet, one bedroom, cozy apartment. I'm a simple, straightforward guy and I don't like complications and anything that creates over thinking. I try to live a simple life.

I'm not a spiritual guy. I drink wine, tequila and whiskey, I smoke, I eat meat. I am not the one to be followed in any way. I practice yoga for the last 17 years but I'm never going to make living as a yoga teacher. I don't advise to anyone my way of life and my understanding, not even yoga practice.

The awakening is my Opus Dei. I live my life by uniting spiritual life with professional, social, and family life. Besides my dear people, ashtanga yoga is the most important thing in my life. 

I've been practicing ashtanga since May 2006 and it's only after my divorce, that I've started to see what it really means to me and what the impact it has on my life.

Today, as well as yesterday and probably tomorrow, I woke up at 5 AM. I practiced. I have started to see that the physical benefits really helps me to go deeper into my well defined life philosophy.

Living life by reading the headlines

I never comment on the news, my opinion on current affairs in the world I keep for myself. I've never voted in any elections and I have no intention to vote in future. I don't support political agendas, neither parties nor politicians.

I stand firm in my understanding that all what we see is not true

Have you heard of The Law of Attraction? All chances are that you have watched "The Secret" and then wondered where the hell your stuff is and why the Universe is giving you so little?

The Universe and everything in it, including yourself, is mostly “empty space”. Investigate for yourself or take it for granted, the Universe is your playground. It is full to the brim with your desires. It is your world as you feel it and see it... But unfortunately it does not have existence. It is your imagination, the creative power of your lunatic mind.

On the end, you get old and you forget everything

You undertake the journey, live your life, in a way uniquely suited to you and only you. You're equipped with unique gifts, talents, life mission and purposes. Your draw experiences into your life in order to learn something. You gain specific knowledge and extract your understanding of those experiences.

... and then you get old and you forget everything.. then you see for yourself, it is all bullshit! but it is too late.

Helping others to reach their potential is not on my life’s agenda 

I am not here to make things right for you. What I know for sure? Nothing. No man, teaching, religion, system of thought, doctrine, ideology is correct. You are on your own. The spiritual knowledge is a great ignorance.

Neither is it “to make the world a better place”. Nor is it to “save whales and other species”. Nor I do "walk for cancer or AIDS". Sorry. I know, I might be upsetting you right now, but oh well.
"I" is illusion and all is illusion but to understand the illusion, illusion is needed. All is only beliefs and concepts of the mind. Don't be touched by anything.

Don't fear. Nothing will happen. The world is not going to change because it does not exist. Your understanding should be changed nothing else. It all depends on your thoughts.

Everything is your choice, you are the power. The world is yours. Many, many troubles happen to you but don't worry for anything. So do everything but be out of it, nothing else. You take touch of everything and you make confusion.

By words you have become bound, and by words you can be free.

- Ranjit Maharaj

Pain is physical, suffering is mental

Beyond the mind there is no suffering. Pain is merely a signal that the body is in danger and requires attention. Similarly, suffering warns us that the structure of memories and habits, which we call the person, is threatened by loss or change. 

Pain is essential for the survival of the body, but none compels you to suffer. Suffering is due entirely to clinging or resisting; it is a sign of our unwillingness to move on, to flow with life. 

The essence of saintliness is total acceptance of the present moment, harmony with things as they happen. A saint does not want things to be different from what they are; he knows that, considering all factors, they are unavoidable. He is friendly with the inevitable and therefore, he does not suffer.