Simple Everyday Practice

Clarity & Emptiness

Not understanding your own mind is a grievous fault. Because you persist in accepting and enduring attachments and aversions you continue to wonder in ignorance.

This practice is simple, it is for you to enter your intrinsic awareness. The practice should be done at every moment of your waking state. It has three considerations about your thoughts:
1. Thoughts about the past, of something that happened, are clear and empty, without any trace to be dwell on.

2. Thoughts about future, plans, expectations are fresh, considered at a time of "considering the future", in the moment of seeing things as they are; and after it, no further consideration is needed.

3. In the present moment, here and now, keep the mind in its own condition without constructing anything, no thoughts at all, just awareness of the moment which you will find is quite ordinary.
Following these 3 simple considerations, which is actually only one practice leads you to be and remain as awareness, as yourself, a lucid clarity without anyone being there who is observer - only the manifest awareness of the present - the present itself, the transparent radiance of emptiness.

The practice is performed in order to discover directly that your immediate self-awareness is just this and nothing else.

To remain in the calm state is to merely allow thoughts to settle into their own condition without trying to grasp them or to modify them in any way. Allow thoughts to be just as they are, without trying to do anything about them.

Look and observe your surroundings, it is your own mind. Notice diversity of people and their actions arising in the mind but understand that they are appearances, all of it, self manifested without any substance behind it - just like an image in the mirror.

Train yourself to look the world around you without thoughts and see just things as they are. When you look inside your mind, inside yourself, do not consider that as something that projects thoughts, see it as awareness, empty and clear. See your own mind to be the same as outside world. In Reality they are the same.

Main thing to be kept in mind is your Intent: Relinquish all notions of the past and abandon all habitual mentality. Cut off all plans and expectations with respect to the future. In the present do not grasp or entertain thoughts that arise but allow the mind to remain in a state like the sky - empty, clear and aware.

Your awareness is inherently knowing, clear and luminously brilliant, when it arises, it is the essence of everything. There is nothing to be grasped or understood by doing this practice. Start being what you already are - Clarity and Emptiness. The observer and observed are not two different things.

Pay attention without falling under spell of attachments or aversions or of hopes and fears, your immediate present awareness should be kept spontaneously perfected in its own Clarity. The world appearances came from mind so get away from the world. Know that sorrow and happiness are different only due to ignorance or awareness respectively, so stay in your own essence.

The mind is liberated by its being allowed simply to remain in its own original natural condition. Appearances in the world arise from your mind and they are gone with the time. There is nothing to think about it.

The nature of the mind that has high capacity of knowing and understanding and be aware of everything is Empty and Clear. If you more empty then there is more clarity coming from the mind, the emptiness and clarity are inseparable.

Without distractions, simply allow the mind to remain in the state of as it is. Stop coloring the mind with your own karmic view. Stop grasping, translating, stop trying to understand things.

Appearances are not erroneous in themselves but because of your grasping, trying to understand, considering over and over again, errors come to existence. Such thoughts only grasp and hold at things without anything real behind it. So stop your constant internal dialog, stop stories in your head, let thoughts be you pay attention to awareness, to yourself who has those thoughts.

Spontaneously establish yourself in the experience of the moment.