5 Simple Rules of Life

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from Rockpile, West Mall, Toronto, 
by Brkovi, February 4, 2023

My dear friend, you have tremendous capacity for happiness. Nothing holds you back except your own thinking. You tend to complicate things, life is simple. 

Today, I want to give you my list of 5 Simple Rules that apply to every single person on this shitty planet.

1. Say what you think, do what you say
Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Do always your best with energy you have at the moment. Say "no" to people when you should. 

Ask freely when you need something but don't get angry when you don't get it. 

Express yourself with confidence, not hiding anything, have no secrets, when you're not saying what you think you're actually not living at all.

2. Have proper cycle of doing and resting

After any work, rest properly. Don't stay always in the company of people, have your own place for the rest. What you do have to satisfy your needs, and only then you should continue to do it. 

If certain work doesn't make you happy stop doing it. Always do your best and then have a rest.

3. Get away with bullshit people

Be careful of your relatives, friends, relationships. Don't tolerate people you shouldn't tolerate. Stop communicating with people you shouldn't. 

Stay away from people who overwhelm you with their problems and who convey their negative emotions to you.
I can think, I can wait and I can fast. — Herman Hesse, Siddartha
Learn to be alone, learn to fast and to meditate.

4. Don't gossip

Be aware of what are you talking about. 

You're losing energy when you talk about things that do not directly affect you and when you gossip and talk about other people's lives. Deal with your own life. 

Be "large", funny, smile, joke, dance... play with life.

5. Don't hope something better will come

No one will come to help you in this life. You're wasting your time if you hope that someone else will change your life, and you yourself do nothing about it. 

First, convince yourself that you are capable of anything, and then, step by step, proceed in that direction. Don't allow other people to force you to do something you don't want to do.

That's it!!!

If you want to take your life into our own hands, you need awareness before all these abilities can be put in place. Before all, the thinking, waiting and fasting do not make you slow and weak but independent and unstoppable.