Place attention beyond the meaning of words

Words are units of language made up of one or more sounds or letters depending are they spoken or written. Words carry meaning and that is used for communication and understanding of thoughts, ideas, and feelings. 

Words are an essential component of communication, and they allow us to express ourselves, convey information, and connect with others. Without words, life, as we know it, would be impossible. We use words to share our thoughts and ideas with others, without them much of our social, cultural, and intellectual undertakings would not be possible.

The problem in communication are not words but the meaning of words. The meaning of words is the mind and it varies from one individual to another. Each individual's personality is based on the understanding of the meaning of the words. That understanding depends on context and culture, is being used to shape one's beliefs and behavior. 

Every word has multiple meanings, and understanding the intended meaning requires consideration of the context in which the word is used. Our attention makes the communication possible. 

Attention is selective focus on a particular aspect of the environment while ignoring other stimuli. It is our ability to concentrate and direct our mind toward a specific task, word, thought, or sensation while filtering out distractions.

We pay a great deal of attention to words because language is a fundamental aspect of our social interaction. Words help us to understand the world around us, acquire new knowledge, and make sense of our experiences with a unique power to influence our behavior and emotions. Also, with words, we can inspire, motivate, persuade, comfort, and entertain others.

For the self-realization, to be awake, the words should be left alone. The mind must stop dwelling on the meaning of the words. Attention must be placed to the present moment before the meaning of the words. We should keep attention to ourselves. Keeping attention on ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to the world.

It's hard to maintain presence and attention to ourselves when we are in the company of others, especially if we are talking or engaging in activities that demand our attention. 

Mindfulness can help us stay present and maintain our focus before the meaning of words. Daily meditation helps us develop the ability to be fully present and attentive in the moment, even in the presence of distractions. 

We can practice mindfulness during a day by focusing on our breath when we feel ourselves getting distracted by thoughts or the meaning of words. When that happens we should shift our focus to our breath. By focusing on the inhalation and exhalation, seeing feelings and physical sensations around it, we can easily return our attention to a place before words.

The key to staying present and focused in the presence of others is to cultivate mindfulness and pay attention to your senses and surroundings. With practice, we can develop the ability to stay present and attentive even in the midst of distractions.