"You" are just a story

Have you ever wondered about the source of your daily disappointments, anxiety and depression?

You're right... thoughts! Thoughts that occupy your mind make you happy or unhappy. Not the life circumstances but that tiny, invisible inner chatter.

It is crucial to recognize that you are not your thoughts and consequently that there is no "thinker". You must understand that there is no entity in your brain or physical body responsible for generating thoughts and there is no identifiable self that creates them.

In this visible world, all there is, is consciousness. Your identity as a person is not true, you are not an entity but rather an operation of thinking and feeling with thoughts arising from consciousness being filtered with your assumptions and beliefs. The constant flow of thoughts generates illusion of permanency.

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Consciousness is the sense, the sense of existence. In the core of your sense of existence there is love, love to exists, to be. It's this love that makes you overcome daily problems and carries you over the meaninglessness of existence.

This Love to Be has the freedom to manifest in any form it chooses but when it localizes itself in the mind it overlooks its true nature and accepts senses and perceptions as reality. It perceives and comprehends everything from the perspective of the finite mind which is prone to accept the information it receives from thoughts. The self-proclaimed thinker or "you" is just another thought.

It may feel like you are the one controlling your thoughts the reality is that thoughts are just happening, freely flowing and you don't have control over them as you think you do. If you could control them it would be easy to put an end to overthinking, anxiety, fear and suffering however, this is not the case.

The reason these thoughts hold so much power over you is that you identify with them as being yours and believe that you are the ones thinking them. This is where you struggle in daily life. You believe you need to do something but in reality is simply being present with whatever is including thoughts, communication and events.

Your mind is a tool that should be used for specific tasks and set aside once completed. But your thinking is repetitive, useless and often negative leading to a loss of vital energy. It is like an addiction where you feel you no longer have a choice to stop and it gives a false sense of pleasure that ultimately leads to pain.

Being identified with your mind to the point of feeling "I am" sense as a false self or ego is based on your past experiences and future projections. You're concerned with survival of this ego and fulfillment projecting itself into imagination misperceiving the present - the simple sense of existence.

You're prisoner of your own mind. Liberation is not far away but as long as you are identified with your thoughts you cannot find it. While thinking is a valuable gift to the humanity, it is a great danger to your individuality which threatens your existence by giving you false notion of separation of yourself. 

Evolve beyond this stage of consciousness. You exists without thoughts. Be there. Consciousness is not limited to thinking but  thinking cannot exist without consciousness. Consciousness can exist without thinking. Rise above thinking rather than returning to a state of sensations such as that of animals or plants.

In order to be creative you must oscillate between thought and no thought state of mind. Strong mind is a mind without thoughts. To have real power disconnect thoughts from the consciousness. True artists and scientists create from a place of no mind. 

Practice of self-inquiry, question the nature of your thoughts and the idea of a separate "you". Thoughts and words are empty and only you are the one who give them power and meaning. The sense of "you" doing something can be seen through realizing that except your sense of existence nothing is true in this world.

Separate "you" doesn't exist,  it's just a story. This realization brings you closer to the freedom you seek so much in various but wrong ways.