The Nature doesn’t care about your happiness

You might assume that you're a creature built to be happy. But the sad thing is that you're really not predestined for happiness. The Nature honestly doesn't care how you feel - it really just wants you to survive and reproduce. And that doesn't necessarily involve you being happier.

Unfortunately, you're less happy than you ever have been.

You have some misconceptions when it comes to the simple things you could be doing to feel better.

On the Path of Self-Realization it's important to pay attention to psychology and study the science of happiness. In order to feel happier, you really need to come to terms with the fact that your mind is lying to you.

You're, all the time, trying to go for certain things that you assume are gonna make you feel happy, but then they don't make you as happy as you think. Because the mind is a big lier that cause you to get happiness wrong.

Take, for example, money, the financial stability. You think that if you just got more money, you'd feel happier. But if you have enough money to put food on the table and a roof over your head, more money isn't gonna make you happier.

The same is true for so many things: getting a promotion, living in a big house, driving a luxury car, having a good sex, getting married, going to retirement... You take that the problem is that you don't have what you want. But the problem is that if you got what you wanted, you still wouldn't be happy because want you want is the completely wrong thing.

You're constantly comparing what you do and have to other people. Starting from your salary and your look, you compare how happy your relationship is, even you compare how much sex you're getting. And that's a problem because it means you could be doing quite well in life, but as long as there's somebody out there who's doing better than you, you're gonna feel bad.

You got too attached to the passing experiences. When you first have an experience, it's glorious. But over time you kind of get used to it. The thing that initially impact your happiness a lot, will stop having the same impact over time.

Many psychologist will advice you that in order to feel happier you need to socialize more, you have to lose rigid self sense, you need to think about others, do some volunteering, community work, go out and be with others. 

The very base of sadness and depression is the stubborn self sense. Do you know that you can do all things, even better than now, without the sense of self? The very sense of self is of course the sense of presence, but on top of that come many layers of the mind chatter, feelings and emotions. All that, taken together, is called personality or personal character. It is nothing more than pure imagination.

You are what you are in every single moment, forever. What is born is not you, it is this sense of presence. This presence came on you making you intoxicating. Life relies on your forgetfulness of who you really are. Instead regarding yourself as an infinite Being you take yourself to be the personality. That is a root of this problem of happiness.

I completely agree with the psychologists about the fact that losing the rigid self sense will make you more happy. They have come to that conclusion upon scientific observation and study of large number of people. You don't need to go that far, you just have to read my blog and get the same and even deeper knowledge.😉