Don't forget what you are

Upon reading my post, one of my friends asked me did I had him in my mind when I wrote the post. In other words he asked me how I know him so well that I wrote such things. Well, it's not really the rocket science. 

All people, the one I know and of course, the others I don't know, have the same mind. One mind to fit them all, I would say, a cheap model with basic economy strength. 

You have to know that human beings are caught in a sort of a sad life in a current that goes in circles, giving people the impression of moving while they are, in essence, stationary. 

Some invisible force keeps human beings prisoners, and only by means of self awareness it is possible to break loose from that dark grip of depression and continue the journey of awareness.

Everything what you know is wrong. 

You are confused, because you believe that you are in the world, not the world in you. Who came first - you or your parents? You imagine that you were born at a certain time and place, that you have a father and a mother, a body and a name. This is a source of confusion your calamity!

You want to save the world. Save it for future generations, for your kids and grandkids etc... Like it is a nice place so you want to save it like it is a precious thing. But surely you can save it, one word at a time, so talk about it. By all means, talk. Who stops you? I have never discouraged you. 

You have made this world and you want to save it. 

Have you noticed, your entire life you are living in your own private world of inner talking, considering and fearing things that may and probably will never happen. Your world is actually a private world, who else knows about your thoughts? 

So the world of which you are the only source and ground is fully within your power to change. What is created can be always dissolved and re-created. All will happen as you want it, provided you really want it.

You have created sorrows out of your desires and fears, deal with them. 

You have forgotten your own being. Having given reality to the pictures and objects, you're seldom happy, the most of time you suffer, giving those appearances some subjectivity. You're completely insane, to the point you want save passing appearances. It is just not so. 

Begin with yourself. There is no other way. Work, of course, save whales and tropical birds. There is no harm in talking...

To take appearance for reality is a grievous sin and the cause of such view caries the consequences. 

You are the all-pervading, eternal and infinitely creative awareness. All else is local and temporary. Don't forget what you are. In the meantime talk to your heart's content. 

By getting older you will see that what is left of all your stories are just complaints. You will be exactly like all the people I know. There'll be no way for you to talk a single sentence without a complaint.

In the ups and downs of daily living, you will never win. 

You're simply lost, and you don't know when you win or when you lose. This is the price you pay for living under the rule of self-reflection and strong personality. 

There is nothing that I can say to you, and there's nothing that you can say to me.