The Art of Stalking

The renovation project is finished. Yesterday, the painting of my apartment is completed.

As it is usually described, "stalking" is an unwanted, repeated surveillance by an individual toward another person. It is related to harassment and intimidation. The term "stalking" I'm using here is is not related to anyone in particular, it is related to myself only. 

From today I'm going to apply the psychological principles of the Art of Stalking on myself. I'll try to control my behavior every second of my daily activities.
The art of stalking is learning all the quirks of your disguise.     

Stalking is an art applicable to everything. There are four steps to learning it: ruthlessness, cunning, patience, and sweetness. Ruthlessness should not be harshness, cunning should not be cruelty, patience should not be negligence, and sweetness should not be foolishness. These four steps have to be practiced and perfected until they are so smooth they are unnoticeable.
Egomania is a real tyrant. We must work ceaselessly to dethrone it. 

- Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence
Replaced old carpet with laminate flooring, painted bedroom to gray

The world is full of people who take their identity based on victims, blaming others for their problems. I used to that all the time but during the last 20 years I have changed. 

At present, I'm not satisfied with my daily life so I'm going to shift my focus from others to myself, so I can catch and get rid off my self-limiting behaviors. Doing this is a process called “the art of stalking”.
It doesn’t matter what anybody says or does. You must be an impeccable man yourself. The fight is right here in this chest. It takes all the time and all the energy we have to conquer the idiocy in us. And that’s what matters. The rest is of no importance. To be an impeccable warrior will give you vigor and youth and power.

- Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence
The principles for self-stalking teach me how to be impeccable with my attention while I practice, whether I am alone at home, or outside, with people.

The countertop is replaced and bathroom is painted in semi-glass white

Going through a spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing, lonely and painful experience in life. You lived your life by being ignorant, you went throughout life pursuing the money and love in an attempt to find “happiness”.

And then something happens, the thing you've least expected. Something you did not plan and you found yourself in situation you could not had imagined. Life events have shaken you up like a tornado.

All is illusion, the 'I' is illusion, so whatever the 'I' does is also illusion. Take out the thorn of the ego. Remove the name and the shape and nothing remains. In final Reality there is no 'you', no 'I', no mind and no thought. That is your natural state.

Awakening is nothing but a complete, thorough understanding. A clear cut understanding is awakening. Reality is not to be achieved, it is already here. After this thorough understanding, nothing is required.

Self Stalking

Everything is illusion Reality is beyond knowledge. Act by abandoning yourself, your old self. Forget everything and act, in this very moment. There is nothing to reject and nothing to gain because everything is nothing. 

Understand that 'myself' is illusion. People don't understand that illusion is nothing. Understand the mind and then it doesn't remain. Not remaining as 'I' is the highest understanding.

You don't exist When you don't exist, then why are you afraid? Others don't exist too, it's all play. It is your love and trust for the illusion that keeps you rolled up, small and fearful. When you see the illusion as an illusion you will stop being fooled by it. This is the true 'understanding'. You are nothing. Why waste time being afraid?

Be fearless Roar like a tiger. Don't be like a mouse, always running away. Keep attention beyond thoughts and laugh, act and enjoy. Illusory 'I' has no real existence, the world has no existence. Take it for granted.

Applying these principles brings about three results. The first is that I learn never to take myself seriously; I'll learn to laugh at myself. If I'm not afraid of being a fool, I can fool anyone. 

The second is that I'll learn to have endless patience. I'll never be in a hurry. And the third is that I'll learn to have an endless capacity to improvise.

The goal is to be able to laugh at myself, be patient, and improvise because that is life all about. Until now I had my expectations that got me frustrated, impatient, and inflexible to change. Let's flow with life by adapting myself each moment to surroundings that is continually changing. 

Self-stalking will help me diminish my limiting behaviors. I'll practice with my attention, letting it flow along the ever-changing river of life.