Interview with my girlfriend

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

It is a great pleasure to announce that here on this blog we have a guest today. It is my girlfriend, my love. After a lot of hours of persuasion she finally agreed to tell us a bit more about herself.

My dear readers, here is, in her own words... my sweetheart:

Do you read blog?

I do read blog and I'm very happy if I'm not a subject. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand the meaning especially when he writes about enlightenment. What is that, anyway? However, I'm always surprised when he writes details from his personal life, I very much oppose that.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Something you like to share with the readers of this blog.

I really don't like saying much about my personal life. I am close with family and friends and I think that's quite enough. What I want to share with you is that I'm 54 year old mother of a beautiful student daughter, I'm divorced, living between Belgrade and Malta, and right now, my life is a bit chaotic.

I like my life as it is and I'm truly thankful for what I've accomplished, for my family, friends and for my relationship.

What do you do for the living?

Right now I'm on a project of setting up a new company in Malta. For many years I was holding executives and high managerial positions in various industries: IT, medical, electronics, telecommunication, trading and government.

Is it true that you have visited more than 50 countries of the world? And what country has made the biggest impression on you?

I don't know how many countries I have visited in my life, but I do know that I like to travel, to visit different cultures, people, to try different cuisines... I was lucky to have a chance to travel more than others due to my work obligations.  I've visited some really interesting spots. I like Italy the most for many reasons. I like food, fashion, drinks, art and music and the most of all the people

Zee is so proud of you. How do you feel about him? How do you see the future of your relationship?

I'm proud of Zee too, he is a hardworking, clever, intelligent, cheerful person. It is hard to predict what the future will bring to us, but both of us are focused on each other, we support, admire and most importantly love each other.

Now, after a year of being together, what do you think about long distance relationship?

First time in my life I'm in a long distance relationship and I really don't like it! I don't know if somebody can like such thing. It is a hard, we steal moments for ourselves, the most of the time we are waiting to see each other, and we are missing important moments in each other's daily life.

On another hand we cherish and more appreciate the moments we spend together. It is always fun and happy moment when we meet.

Why did you allow your photos to be displayed on this blog?

I'm not fond of seeing my photos on Zee's blog, but he gets more views and readers when he post them , so I do sacrifice, for him. 😉

How about social media photos? Zee complains that even after a year of being together you haven't posted any photo of him on your social media, like Facebook or Instagram?

Zee will continue to complain and I will stay stubborn about my attitude of (non)posting our photos on social media. Our lives should be private in this moment when everything is online, available and so transparent, I would like to keep something for myself.

What would you like to say to the readers of this blog?

Keep reading Zee's blog, especially AWARENESS category and lets hope we will one day understand what he wants to tell us. Stay safe and healthy. Happy Holidays.

Friday, September 22, 2023

After almost a year here we are... waiting to get married. 
My favorite photo - Belgrade, Serbia

The last trip - Varadero, Cuba

Preparation 😊, in two weeks, Malaga, Spain

Black or white? Sssshhh, don't tell her, I'm going to propose her 😎

So pretty 💓  

My future wife 😍