The differences in why women and men do yoga are unpleasantly and sharply clear. I have observed hundreds of men and women and it seems the men tend to do yoga for physical reasons and women tend to do yoga for... I don't know. I'm not quite sure why women practice yoga, except maybe to prepare them and to get through the divorce. On other hand, I have done intensive research in order to find out the main reason why men do yoga.

In a nutshell, I naively thought that every man has different reasons to do yoga - maybe they want strength, nice shaped body, which yoga offers, maybe they were drunk last night and yoga makes them sober the next day or maybe they just couldn't help stretching up besides that hot blonde. I had no clue that main reason why men do yoga is because they have been feeling unfulfilled in their relationship.

The survey, conducted by Yoga Journal's Online Doctor, polled over 2,000 American and European men and found that the reasons why men do yoga are actually really shocking...

When asked the reasons why they go to the studio and sweat profusely, people who identified as men  had the same #1 answer: They felt that their partner had stopped giving them the attention they needed.

Some of the other top reasons why they do yoga were that they weren't having enough sex, In rare situations some men has answered that nice looking yoga teacher were hitting on them and the yoga studio was a blessing.

So while this isn't a perfect methodology, it does help us confront some tough things about yoga, relationships and expectations of men.

The Psychology Today has confirmed this undeniable truth that relationship dynamics plays main reason for a man’s decision to engage in yoga practice. Generally, though, man's choice to practice yoga is driven by one or more of the following factors:

1. Immaturity: If he does not have a lot of experience in yoga, or if he doesn’t fully understand that his actions will inevitably have consequences like hurting his knees, he may think it is fine to have yoga adventure. He might think of his commitment to yoga as a jacket that he can put on or take off as he pleases, depending on the circumstances.

2. Co-occurring Relationship Issues: He may have an ongoing problem with lack of sex, alcohol and/or drugs that affects his decision-making, resulting in regrettable trips to yoga studio. Or maybe he has a problem like sexual addiction, meaning he compulsively engages in sexual fantasies with female yoga students.

3. Insecurity: He may feel as if he is too old or too young, not handsome enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, etc. An astonishing amount of male doing yoga is linked, at least in part, to a mid-life crisis. To bolster his flagging ego, he seeks validation from women other than his partner, using yoga practice to feel wanted, desired, and worthy.

4. Cowardice: He may want to end his current relationship but he is coward to do so. However, instead of just telling his partner that he’s unhappy and wants to break things off, he embarks on perilous path of yoga — and then forces her to do the dirty work.

6. Lack of Male Support: He may have undervalued his need for watching and playing sports and going to strip-bars with other men, expecting his social and emotional needs to be met entirely by his significant other. And when she inevitably fails in that duty, he seeks fulfillment in the yoga studio.

7. Childhood Abuse: He may be reenacting or latent responding to unresolved childhood trauma – neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc. In such cases, his childhood wounds have created attachment/intimacy issues that leave him unable or unwilling to fully commit to his partner. He might also be using the excitement and distraction of yoga poses coupled with intense breathing as a way to self-soothe the pain of these old, unhealed wounds.

8. Selfishness: It’s possible that his primary consideration to start yoga is for himself and himself alone. It’s possible he never intended to be yogi nor does he consider yoga to be religious activity. Rather than making his practice as an improvement to his relationship, he views it as something to be done far away from his partner.

9. Megalomaniac Issues: He may feel like he is different and deserves something special that other men might not. The usual rules just don’t apply to him, so he is free to reward himself with a good yoga stretch. He may never have even thought about yoga until an opportunity suddenly presented itself. Then, without even thinking about what yoga might do to his relationship, he went for it.

10. Unrealistic Expectations: He may feel that his partner should meet his every whim and desire, sexual and otherwise, 24/7, regardless of how she feels at any particular moment. He fails to understand that she has a life of her own and that she practice yoga longer than him, with thoughts and feelings and needs that don’t always involve him. When his expectations are not met, he's searching the yoga sanctuary.

11. Anger/Revenge: He may do yoga to get revenge. He is angry with his partner. In such cases, the downwarddog is meant to be seen and known as a tool to hurt her. The man does not bother to lie or keep secrets about his practice, he will talk about it, and talk, and talk... because he wants his partner to know about it.

In conclusion, the word of advice to all women out there who have been in sexless relationship for months... If he suddenly is starting yoga practice, this article may help you getting some perspective on why he does what he does, and help you address your bedroom issues. Review your lack of emotional or physical attraction and decide should you want to stay together and work it out or simply should you let him go to do yoga and end up in divorce.

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I started blogging on December 6, 2012, and I did not stop since then. I have deleted my first blog exploring dreamstate last year and I started My old blog had more than 1000 posts. Since the very beginning, I am writing about awakening, yoga and daily life.

In the last couple of months, I had a wish to change my blog and start writing funny daily news around the world. So yesterday, as the first step towards that direction, I changed the layout of my blog. I worked all day to implement and customize this new template and slowly I will start writing new content.

I changed my mind and now I'm allowing the blog comments so be free to leave your wisdom here. Not that I care about your opinion but it is nice to have live interaction. You know, it is a bad idea to pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm not writing in order to please you. If you do not accept me for who I am, it is okay, go and read some other blog for free.

Since I was a kid, I have always been naturally good at whatever I do. I can’t help striving to do my best. This is both a fault and a strength. For those who are similar to me, I want to remind you that sometimes we create our own races where we are the only ones competing.

As a blogger, it is easy to look at the numerical figures of more successful bloggers and worry about why my own statistics do not match up. Then, in a fury, I begin to pull up all of the tutorial articles on the internet guaranteeing me more views, likes, and followers. But awakening is not a place to make a large number of Facebook likes.

First off, everyone starts at the different place of understanding. They guard their spirituality as a very precious possession. It is all about beliefs and they do not want to think outside the box.

My words are dry, straight and direct. Most of the readers come only couple times, read my particular brand of bullshit and they are gone. I’m definitely guilty of this one. I’ve realized recently that as I was trying to gain followers and create posts they would like, I’ve lost track of why I've started blogging in the first place - I want to write for myself as an expression of my creativity and love for writing.

Blogging for me is more of a hobby. Part of the reason why I continue to blog is that I love being able to read what I wrote a year ago. How my view of the world is changed and how I was so deluded back then. I have realized that everything I wrote is more or less wrong. There is nothing in this life that has any intrinsic value. Days are passing is the only constant in this life.

I will start slowly to write different articles, more news-based funny posts. There is nothing to be learned in life. Awakening is a deeply personal matter and it is not something to be shared and exposed freely on the internet. Zen and Buddism is not my cup of tea, spirituality, in general, is the hilarious joke and it must be exposed as such so I will continue to write in my own way.

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You want to believe that the person of your dreams, the job opportunity of a lifetime, the lottery win or the surprise that you never expected is waiting around the corner for you. When you’re unhappy with where you are, you irrationally hope that a drastic change in your life will come along and save you from your sad life.

But the truth of the matter is, life doesn’t work that way. Nobody’s heading your way on a white horse and if you want to see the change in your life, you have to create it by your action.

This is what I know. When times get tough, I rely on myself, without looking for the rescue because I know that people are always going to be more aware of their own needs than they are of mine.

Unfortunately, other people around you are there stretching your limits, and they will nonetheless push you unless and until they encounter resistance. Most people are going to take as much from you as you let them get away with – which means it’s up to you to define when to say 'Yes' and when to say 'No'.

I have learned and I'm not afraid to say 'No,' to what I don’t want to do – because I know that nobody’s going to make me happy if I'm not satisfied with myself in my own eyes.

If you listen to what people want from you, you'll end up living a lifeless, shapeless, emotionless life. And then someone would come along and tell you that you have to be the more interesting person.

The truth is, it’s impossible to please everybody. There will always be someone who’s offended or bored by your words. You’re going to be criticized no matter what you do, so you might as well do what you want. Because if there’s anyone whose judgment you should listen to, it’s your own.

You may be the coolest, kindest, smartest, most interesting person in the world, but if you don't see that by yourself and actually put those traits into action, you have nothing to complain about.

You can spend your entire life feeling sorry for yourself because you deserve more than you’re getting, or you can go out into the world and actually claim what’s yours. Guess which choice is better?

You can spend your entire life loudly asking others to help you because you don’t have the time, money or energy to accomplish the things you actually want. And all of what you claim may be honest but the truth is, every single person has at least interest to help you in your life's struggle. They have the same problems as you.

Try to ignore your excuses. Find a way around your limitations, instead of just bitching about them.

You can sit indoors all day conceptualizing a better world, but until you get out there and start acting, you’re not actually making a difference. Good intention is a wonderful thing but unless it’s coupled with action, it counts for nothing.

At the end of the day, you are determined as a being by what you do, not by what you think about.

This is one more piece of advice I have for you: don't get impatient. Even if things are so tangled up you can't do anything, don't get desperate or blow a fuse and start yanking on one particular thread before it's ready to come undone. You have to realize it's going to be a long process and that you'll work on things slowly, one at a time.

- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

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O tiger’s heart wrapped in a woman’s hide! -William Shakespeare

It is Friday afternoon, I have come from the office and my work for this week is done. I will do yoga now,  shower and then lay down and have a nap. My girlfriend should come in the evening and we are going with my friends to a Japanese restaurant. I'm looking forward seeing her.

I am a friend with my girlfriend. I have not seen her in the last week and although we spoke on the phone every day, I am missing her a lot. That made me thinking... what are we? Am I in a long-distance relationship? Yes, we’re friends, but we’re certainly a bit different than average friends.

Sometimes it feels like we’re dating, but we’re not a common dating couple. In this world where everything is supposed to fit inside of a nice structured box, we don’t actually fit in the dating category so well. I have not met her friends and there is no intention from her side to change things. As a couple, we don’t really make sense.

It is so often assumed that a relationship worth something is going in a certain direction, growing and couple becomes more close to each other. But it feels like we are always at the beginning with no particular place to go.

No matter how genuine, kindhearted or caring she is, she's always going to be more aware of her own needs than she is of mine. I'm not her priority and I come as "nice-to-have" addition in her life. Her family, job, house, friends... her ex... her real estate agent, they come before me.

Friends, with and without benefits?... I have asked numerous times over the past year. Even without the traditional label of “couple”, I want to be with her ignoring and repressing things that bother me until they inevitably explode leaving a huge mess for us to clean up.

I'm ashamed of breaking up our relationship so many times. I break up just to find out that I love her more than I ever thought. She is an exceptional woman and I have strong feelings for her.

I have fallen in love. Maybe she feels this too. Maybe she doesn't. Maybe she feels it in a different way or simply not at all. I'm not so sure. The truth is, it’s impossible for her to accepts me totally and stop hiding me from her life.

She is a busy woman and I have nothing but time on my hand. I will continue on this path with no destination, I think it is worth taking. And I admit, I yearn for more than what we are now, more than what we have so far.

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To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not. Discover all that you are not - body, feelings thoughts, time, space, this or that - nothing, concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you. The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.

The clearer you understand on the level of mind you can be described in negative terms only, the quicker will you come to the end of your search and realize that you are the limitless being.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing - is the famous saying of William Shakespeare. Nice, I like it. They also say that Shakespeare said - Don't believe everything you read on the internet... but this is just a stretch, or maybe not.

Seriously, the life is indeed a story. We are now living what our ancestors were talking about. And the ones who come after us will live what we are talking about. That how it goes. We set the intention not only for ourselves but for future generations as well.

The intention is the starting point of life. It is the creative power that makes your life, it fulfills all of your needs, whether for love, relationships, spiritual awakening, or money.

Whether Shakespeare realized this or not, it is beside the point. A new beginning and a fresh start are happening first in thoughts, then words and finally in action. Possibilities are here and if you set the firm intention on something the universe has to deliver it. It has no choice. That how it works.

Have you heard of The Law of Attraction?

All chances are that you have watched "The Secret" and then wondered where the hell is your stuff, why the Universe gives you so little?

The Universe and everything in it, including yourself, is mostly “empty space”. However, they say that space is not actually “empty”, it’s filled with quantum fields and dark energy (whatever that is). In simple words, even though the universe and everything in it are mostly empty, true empty space (a perfect vacuum) doesn't actually exist...

Investigate for yourself or take it for granted, the universe is your creation. You are the universe. The universe is your reality and it is full to the brim with your desires. It is your world as you feel it and see it... But unfortunately, it does not have EXISTENCE. It is your imagination, the creative power of your intention.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Don't believe in spiritual bullshit that you undertake some journey, live your life in a way uniquely suited to you and only you. Don't believe that you're equipped with unique gifts, talents, life mission and purposes. Don't believe that you draw unique experiences into your life in order to learn something. You don't gain any knowledge by extracting your understanding of life.

What is here to be understood? Everything is the illusion.

"I" is an illusion and all is the illusion but to understand illusion, the illusion is needed. All is only beliefs and concepts of the mind. Don't be touched by anything.

Don't fear. Nothing will happen. The world is not going to change because it does not exist. Your understanding should be changed nothing else. It all depends on your thoughts.

Everything is your choice, you are the power. The world is yours. Many, many troubles happen to you but don't worry about anything. So do everything but be out of it, nothing else. You take the touch of everything and you make confusion.

By words, you have become bound, and by words, you can be free.

- Ranjit Maharaj

To destroy the false, you must question your beliefs. 

Of these, the idea that you are the body with the consciousness is the worst. With the body comes the world, with the world - God, who is supposed to have created the world and thus it starts - fears, religions, bondage, spirituality, practice, sacrifices, all sorts of systems - all to protect and support "you", frightened out of your wits by monsters of your own making.

You fear of death so you imagine your uniqueness, mission, purpose, experience, and understanding.

I am not here to make things right for you. What I know for sure? Nothing. No man, teaching, religion, the system of thought, doctrine, ideology is correct. You are on your own. The spiritual knowledge is actually ignorance.... so sometimes sit and think and other times just sit.

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