Everything you've been taught so far is a lie. Everything you think you know is a lie. History, who you are, where you come from, your beliefs are a lie and that's why it's so difficult to discover the truth and to be happy.

You live your life in the enormous sea of information but the information around has been falsified which causes your confusion and doubts.

Different beliefs make you continue to argue with others and you continue to perpetuate your isolation because everything of what you know is a lie.

You, really need to understand clearly that this is your starting point. This is what you've got to work with. The fact that everything you've been told is a lie and you cannot rely on any of the information provided by google search or books.

You can only rely on your direct experience!

See what you are and what the world is

The sum and substance of every life is nothing but to come to a firm decision, make a judgment, about what you are and what the world is. Nothing else. Just placing yourself in the right position.

If you investigate process of creation you notice that at it's very base lies the fact that you do not know yourself, and suddenly the feeling of "I" appears. 

The moment it appears you are being awake, in a split second, your sense of self appears and you know yourself. Then thoughts start racing and you as a person starts functioning.

Without you there is no universe. You as a person and the world are illusion and they exist only when you are an active participant. I make distinct difference between you and you as a person. You are self, the Presence.

Don't believe that anything and anybody existed prior to yourself. Don't believe in history, in evolution in big-bang universe. Prior to you nothing was and after you nothing will be.

You live in simulation within the simulation

There comes times when you start asking question like What is the meaning of all this? Usually, those moments come in difficult times, when you experience great loss in your life. But deep, inside your gut, you do know truth... "World is not real."

The outside forces are keeping you busy in order to cover that knowledge. The world is entertaining you, keeping you involved. 

I some ways, every time you think about reality, with some deeper state of mind from position of your inner peace, it takes you away from complications and amusement parks of daily world.

The world is the first simulation, and you are taught that it was existed before you and you were born into it. That is just hearsay and not your experience.

The life's journey is a scam. There is no journey... There is no destination to reach, there is only this moment. And at this moment I am okay with the truth, which is simple but terrifying - you live life with mistaken identity.

Me, me, me... it is all about me... but the sense of self does not reside in any particular part of the body. "I" is not in the body, neither as tenant nor as its owner. Identification with the body is "me", it is a belief, conviction, nothing else. But at once it is accepted, it creates birth and death, greed, desire, hatred, craving and self-importance.

Once you see this, understand, conceive and comprehend the first simulation, you will notice that you are not living in the material world at all but in your inner world of imagination. The world's events are passing by with a little or no influence on your part.

You're actually living in your mind

Who else knows about your thoughts and feelings? There is no one else there, you are completely on your own. That is a simulation within a simulation. Your inner world are your hopes and expectations as well as your fears.

Give up the memories and imagination and be nothing, understand nothing, do nothing. 

No one is coming to save you, to the extent that no one is going magically to enlighten you. The life is a lonely road and you travel alone. You may have a companion or not but you must know, no one will take care of you at the end.

The life has nothing to give you. It's false to the core a pure lie. 

Living is nothing else but the process of dismantling these simulations, undoing, opening, giving up, of everything. It is the end of struggle to be "something," the end of you as person.