A Man of Action

Take it for granted or investigate for yourself and see that spirituality is a major things in this life. Spirituality is a science of knowing yourself as you really are. No imagination and wishful thinking.

In life, you want to be a big time player. You want to have money, live in 4,000 sf house, drive an expensive car... You want to be with a woman of your dreams. You want an unconditional love, happiness and bliss. But lets tackle the problem of your fear. Fears are what stops you from achieving that things and most of the time those fears are your irrational phobias.

I am talking about a basic fear of being confident and knowing what do you want. If you don't know what do you want, you're not confident so the result is predictable... the failure. 

When I observe you, as you're now, I'm noticing a small uneasiness in your behavior. You carry it at all time, that  protective shield from threatening feeling of embarrassment and ridiculousness. 

You like to be with your friends, you're eloquent, soft spoken sometimes even your old stories sound interesting and refreshing. But alone, you are sorry little thing, basically a coward. 

Let me take an example so common in the world, men's fear of approaching women!

Let’s say you don't go after women, you fear them because they may make fun of you, or that they will secretly laugh behind your back.

Women might go for certain things in man such as charm, wit, nice eyes, generosity, dancing abilities etc. but before they find Mr. Right, they are prepared to kiss a lot of frogs. They also are mess of contradictory desires, social and cultural predispositions etc...

The real spirituality is what do you see when you look in the mirror?

The major problem was, and still is, everyone has it's own insecurities but you can be sure that the bigger you put down yourself, the unhappier you will be with the world. 

The world is a confusing place because you're confused. You try something so many times and nothing happens. Don't take that to discourage you, don't take anything personally, you may have better times, you may not, who cares? That's all. What is important is that you take the first step. That's only what you can do.

Nine times out of ten it will be you, not anyone else, who stop your actions by feeling as being not good enough. 

The spirituality is not some preaching of love in some spirit world. It is what you do here in this world. So act fast and stop thinking about it. By doing things before you have time to chicken out, you increase your chances in the world dramatically. 

Stop worrying about what will happen after. You can always rescue the situation by making another act and declaring the previous as a gibberish. What counts is your confident manner of doing things. It is about your doing not saying what you will do. Only by doing, your confidence grows, what matters most is making the initial step. 

It doesn't matter what are you going to do, the secret is to be mindless. That's spirituality, that is self-stalking. Think like a confident idiot, in other words, don't think at all. Stop any introspection or thoughtfulness, these are great qualities for poets, blog writers and philosophers but terrible ones for you if you want to be a man of action, and you want to be a man of action, aren't you? 

So here is the secret, fuck your thinking, that ideas and beliefs drains your bravery. Roar like a tiger, fuck that little mouse you're the albatrouse. 😉