My friends, I am going to reveal to you the greatest secret of life. I'm not asking you to believe me. See things for yourself and try to understand.

You're living life with mistaken identity!!!

You believe that you're body-mind, an entity with unique personality. You erroneously believe that you are born in an existing world where you have been moving around acting by its own will.

You need a lot of energy to understand this secret I just reveal to you. It is the greatest secret of existence. Who are you? Find out for yourself...

Truth is very simple 

You are beyond your thoughts and in reality there is no "you" but this constant stream of thoughts get your attention and there you go... "you" have been created from nothing.

Dead people are not returning to this world because there is nothing to be returned, they never existed.

You see, this is the truth but there is a tremendous resistance accepting this truth and then you suffer. You have taken an identity that is not yours, you live your life thinking you are something, so you have feeling of good and bad according to momentary wish of your confused mind.

The happiness you get in this world is a temporary state between two sorrows. You search for happiness which is not real. To be happy you don't need anything or anyone, the happiness is your inner state, it is your very being. 

If, for a brief moment, you get these words in the right way, you will feel happiness for no reason, that is your true Self. 

The goal of human birth

Try to take advantage of this birth. You are so lucky that you are here on this blog, reading these words in this exact time and just for the moment wake up. If you make a small effort of understanding Who are you?, that will change your entire life.

The human birth is not for doing just household and worldly duties engaged in mechanically repetitive activities. Carry on your duties in such a manner that you become immortal. One day you will surely die, what will remain then? Just another wasted life in an endless number of births.

Think of why you were born, why are you here.

The purpose of human birth is to obtain ultimate bliss by realizing your own Self. Instead, you involve yourself in various things, you waste this priceless human body.

You, for yourself, must discover Truth in order to obtain the ultimate peace. This is called the goal of human being.

I urge you to find out who are you and to behave accordingly. You are all pervading awareness without quality, without shape and you are not entangled in worldly life at all. Realize your Self and be what you are.

Identification with body-mind

Your sense of "I" does not reside in any particular part of your physical body. Your physical body is a mass of flesh, bones and blood, it is a collective assembly of parts such as hands, nose, liver etc. All of these parts you call "mine" and the body is considered as "my body".

However, "I" sense is not in the body neither as tenant nor as its owner. The sense of ownership over a body is IDENTIFICATION with the body. It is accepted because it is taken for granted, never investigated.

Once you have accepted, the identification with the physical body creates birth and death and life's passions: greed, desires, hatred, cravings and pride (self-importance) which are natural qualities of bodily expressions.

Identification with the physical body is mentality - the state of mind or conviction, understanding that "I" possess the body, that "I" is related to the physical body.

In truth the physical body is driven by subtle body - the collection which consists of senses, air (breathing), mind (thoughts) and emotions (feelings). Whatever this committee, called the subtle body, put forth is carried out by physical body. 

The identification with subtle body is a bit different than with physical body. No one says "I am mind", "I am sense of touch", the possession is carried over into emotional level, so anger is "my anger", expectations are "my expectations", every thought is "my thought" etc.

As a consequence of this identification with body-mind you are living life in a semi-conscious way, like "dreaming" having a continuous memory underlying your "I" sense.

Your entire knowledge of this world is based on comparison, "something is like this" or "something is like that", it is a knowledge of contradictory thoughts.

The world

This world is like a dream, and it in this dream-like world whatever is considered to be good or bad, merit or sin or anything in the realm of morality, is of no consequence in the process of awakening to the Self.

The whole humanity has become entangled in illusion from birth, and lives in bondage. In addition of basic fear of not knowing ourselves, we create many types of artificial bondage around us in the form of comfort and attachments resulting from ever newer inventions.

You have to understand by careful investigation that material objects are only temporary appearance and you have to become convinced that objects, comforts, attachment cannot really provide true happiness, then apparent reality of the world automatically fades away. The false nature of material objects must be understood.

It is by intellect that you understand this. Intellect is a gift to humanity. The purpose of this gift is for human being to be able to understand the Ultimate Truth of the Self and put an end to suffering. The intellect is able to discriminate between true and false.

Because of transient nature of things, the fear of dissolution is inevitable. You are overpowered by the fear of death and you constantly strive to see that something is not taken from you. You take every precaution to save your money, try hard to stop aging and struggle to keep your social status and authority. However, you may try as you wish but nothing really ever happens according to your wishes and desires.

Only self-knowledge continues after death and it should be known why you're living. The self-knowledge is a fearlessness, of being free from self-imposed fears.

"I" sense

The biggest secret of the existence is that "I" sense is just that. The sense. You are Reality, Self who has this sense.

The awakening is Self-Real-I-zation and the first step towards Self-Realization is to break the identification with body-mind. Once you understand that particular thing is not yours you become indifferent about that thing.

Understand that body-mind is not "yours" and whatever kind of properties your body may posses will not affect you. Keep the physical body in mint condition, treat it as a tool or a vehicle, but understand what really is.

Separate "I am" sense from body, emotions and thoughts. It is only a thought that binds "I" as a possession of body and that thought is to be broken first.

"I am body, I am body" is a main cause of "I want this, I want that", always suffering to get it and protecting it. Instead to play with the life and the existence you are played by the world. Self-Knowledge is only knowledge worth learning.

Change your ATTITUDE. All your responsibilities has to be carried out without the sense of "mine".