it's just a play of light

In our life the main thing is the attitude - manner, feeling, position, with regard to an event, a person or thing. It is our tendency or orientation, especially of the mind. We perceive event as it recedes from us. We are always looking on things from the past. So how we process the event is of paramount importance.

In life there is nothing to be happy or unhappy about. We go on living, thinking that the world is supposed to be a logical and consistent place. Well, that is not the case. All misery comes from our idea that the world is true.

We assume that if the world is true then we are also true. This self-importance is the main reason for our feelings of depression, sadness, emptiness, and anxiety.

Consider, without any prior warning, suddenly, you have a taste of your own being. From the very beginning you have no knowledge of your real nature. Everything is hidden away from you. And still is.

In life we are forced into a series of activities and experiences. That makes us human beings, bodies with the name. By the time we pick up our beliefs and duties... Our seemingly purposeful actions follows one another and there is no end to them and no escape. We are lost in our experiences... it's said - we are living our life.

Dazzled by the superficial worldly events, inventions and discoveries, that made us lazy, we have no explanations for anything. With our attitude we paint the picture of our life without noticing that the same thing is repeated over and over again.

We are guided by the feeling of our personal happiness. In relation to that we try to organize our behavior accordingly. And it all goes well until we start questioning our beliefs, when we start to see them through, when something terrific happens and our experiences lose its charm.

Life is our dream, it is our intense love for experiences, our lust for living. In spite of all this closeness and fondness, this game has the end. All the experiences with their peculiarities will vanish and our play will finish.

Now you know the truth. Go your own way, my friend, play... dance, cry, laugh and live intensely, go all the way, before the curtain closes and your piece ends without the applause.