Make things happen

I take "luck" to be a power that every person has. We are not lucky all of the time, but there's not doubt some people tend to be luckier than others. You might say, it's not fair. You might blame a life in general or some particular situation. I will tell you that lucky people aren't lucky by sheer accident. They're lucky because of certain tings they consciously or unconsciously bring to life. 

I'm a lucky guy. And today, I am going to reveal to you the secrets of luck. I'm going to write about ancient knowledge, hard work, bravery and optimism.

For those who want to change their life and have a more luck in daily circumstances today's post might help. The first you have to know is that you have to work in cycles but you have to work hard and in certain period you must give all your strength to the work at hand. 

We live on a shitty planet

Unfortunately this planet we are living on our lives spoils everything. I have no clue for the reason for that. Is it oxygen, a highly corrosive substance, is it a sea or water in general or anything else but the truth is on this planet things left to themselves are being spoiled and rotten.

It is natural thing. We produce a sound and there is 8 notes form do to higher do, but that is not uniform or constant sound. We have 3 notes do-re-mi than we have a semi note fa and we continue with sol-la and again a semi note si and then comes do. So the sound travel in a spiral not in a strength line.

Everything what we do in life follows the same logic, it's a law of nature. We intend something and then we go to accomplish that something but on the way of realizing our planned project things get twisted and the result is often not satisfactory. You have to know this rule.

Whatever you do, you have to recognize the twists (semi tones), see the problems on the way and give to that more attention, work and efforts. If you follow this advise you will succeed in any project you do. You will build more luck in your life. But remember your hard work is very important and without hard work there is no luck.

Trust yourself

Having a reason means thinking, planning and relying on the mind. But leaning too much to the expectations and rigid schedules creates unlucky situations. You simply must start trust your own gut. 

In order to increase your intuition ask often - Does this feel right?  Try to feel your body,  the sense of presence, something that is beyond thinking, throw out the logic. The mind, the thinking and over analyzing things can actually lower your odds of making the best decision. 

Believe your feelings even you don't understand them. This is called a "gut". Trust your gut and the more often you do, the better it can guide you. Don't blame anyone for you circumstances in life and don’t ignore your feeling in the silence of your chatting mind. 

I agree with you. It takes a courage to live life like that, often not knowing what are you doing and where things can end up. This is taking risks. In truth there is no luck at all. The luck comes as a result of your courageous action, when you rise above your aversions and usual laziness.  

You want to have everything explained. But there is nothing to explain in life. The events go on, forever until the end of time. Ask yourself Why do you stick with any particular situation that leaves you a miserable rather than leaving the security of the known? 

Of course I don't say "do everyday something that scares you". or similar optimistic bullshit. There are many valid risks in life and you need to be mindful of them but dwelling on risks can keep you from seeing opportunities. 

Don't expect only good things to happen

New age ideology, the optimistics have a teaching that says that you need to expect good things to happen, and this is how you attract more good things. I call that a simple bullshit. The 'law of attraction' does not work that way. The truth is that what you put out by your own work, you get back... maybe not instantly, not every time, but over time when you expect good things to happen you'll find they generally do happen.

After a year being in Canada I got my first job as a computer programmer. I was working on Visual Basic, the popular programming language on those days but I studied on my own and learned Java, and got certified. Today I am still programming in that language. I worked hard to be lucky today. And still I improve myself all the time.

Sometimes things are tough. So embrace failure as something okay. No one, I repeat no one, is lucky all the time. The time flows in cycles, the economy goes in cycles, your moods are according to natural cycles but you are not that. You stand behind and observe things around and inside you. 

You're always making one big mistake. You take that "outside" of yourself are the world, people, circumstance, events etc... and you take your "inner" self to be thoughts, chatting with yourself, assumptions, beliefs etc.. this is not the case! Your inner self is your life, the world and the outside of yourself is your thinking process. Please remember this all the time. This wrong position of yourself and the world is a source of your disappointments. Let's face it in the correct way.

Be cheerful. Helping others will make you lucky. Stand tall, put a smile on your face and step bravely into the rest of your days.

Good luck! Not that you need it... you have to make it!