Awakening is up to you!!!

It's Friday evening I am at home. I texted my friends asking them if they are going out but there is no response. Everybody is tired or busy with trivialities. 

My dear friend, this blog is not important, it is my entertainment, my escape of daily boredom. My words are not significant but they are sincere, wholehearted and genuine so please read them carefully.

I observe people around me and this shitty world we are all living in. What I see is tremendous suffering, fears, isolation and depression. I see that in you my friend. You're living half awake with your racing mind which torture you. You talk to yourself all day long and you worry. You worry about everything imaginable because you have forgotten the truth.

You're not your name. You're not your body. You're not your mind. You're not your feelings, you're not your heart.

You're not anything that you have been identified.

You're not anything that you think about. In reality you are only a pure witness, the awareness. But "awareness" is also just a word, like any other word it carries meaning but you're not even that meaning. You're nothing! 

This is what I know about you and you don't know. I know this about you because I know this about me. We are all made of the same stuff called consciousness. The moment you know this you know all the secrets of life, of existence, and these secrets suddenly open closed doors of your life.

You have to find your witnessing self and don't wait that somebody else can do it for you. That inward awareness has to be discovered by you and you alone. There is no way to take anyone with you in this inward journey of self-discovery.

This is one of the greatest privileges you got by birth. Actually you have never been born, the world is born not you. 

You exist forever. Your freedom is absolute. The body can die but the consciousness cannot be touched. Nothing can reach the consciousness. You, as the witness will always be beyond everything that happen to you, you will always be the light giving the reality to the passing show and you'll always remain as a witness of it.

My friend, page after page on this blog, I am provoking you, persuading you, seducing you to know your self for yourself because with it come all the joys and all the blessings of existence. Without knowing it life is a waste of time. Without knowing it you are dead. Only by knowing it you are alive, magnificently alive... you are an eternal and immortal existence... deathless and fearless.

The golden key is within you!