I Owe You an Apology

No one can be pushed into spirituality. There is no person, there are ideas and beliefs. The imagined person cannot be advised to step on spiritual path because it has no existence. 

I was trying so hard to convince people, I am close with, to turn towards awakening without really taking this facts into consideration.

I should never force enlightenment, awakening, spiritual beliefs, or certain way of life on anyone!

I'm writing this because after coming to this realization, I noticed that my recent behavior was inappropriate a kind of  spiritual snobbery. I have no clue from where this aggressive need to force my understanding to the people who are really not that interested in this subject.

The fact is everyone need to come to their own conclusions in life. No matter how big an opportunity, no matter how easy it is, even if something is so painstakingly obvious, it doesn’t matter. 

People, including my close friends, want to make their own decisions and I have no right to force my way of life upon them.

Behind my intense need to change people and recruit them for the awakening, could be my own mistake of seeking validation. 

The spiritual journey is beyond personality and daily life, sometimes it leaves me wondering and questioning reality. If I have someone to talk to, it seems less scary. But I have to embrace the fear and do it on my own.

I'm not enlightened guy, I'm working on it. 

I still crave for acceptance and validation of my decisions. I forgot that spirituality, while it is one of the most connecting things to other people, it is also one of the most solitary and individual experience. 

Awakening needs to be faced alone. All conclusion and realization that come should be our own.

This is why I sincerely apologize to my daughter, and my girlfriend and friends, I apologize to everyone who reads this. I should not force my beliefs onto you, because the spirituality is a personal experience for everyone. It is so wrong to convince you that it is the right thing for you. 

To wrap up, the things I have spoken about in this post do not only hold true for spirituality, but also any other daily life thing. 

I have escaped the rat race and I'm fine being alone. I strive for total freedom and I wish you the same but I'll write my posts addressing only the people who wants to listen.

The only life you can live is your own; I cannot control anyone else’s destination or path. I like to know those around me but I'm stopping my wish for your approval of what I'm doing. 

I'll not meddle in your spiritual journey and I don't need your validation of my journey.