Cross the bridge!


You know how it goes. One day you’re born, one day you die. Everything that happens in between you know and understand, but everything that happened before and will happen after, you know nothing about. 

What exactly is the meaning or importance for you being here at all? If you can’t tell how you came or where you came from, if you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re going to become, how can you know why you are here? How can you tell if any of your present actions have any significance at all?

It is this uncertainty of both your past and future that is the main cause of your fears, stress and depression. 

Maybe you have found comfort in many different ideologies to at least subdue your existential anxiety. Maybe for you a God made the entire universe, put you in it, and videotapes what you do here on this Earth. That video will be used to determine when and how you will spend eternity after death.

Maybe, you believe, the meaning of life is the love you share with friends, family, and your loved ones. Maybe you believe the existence of life in itself is what you make of it.... maybe you believe nothing so just like a dead fish you go with the flow.

In any case you have no clue of the truth. You have never investigated things for yourself, this question did not bother you at all, you have remained ignorant until this day. For you, the happiness is the time between two sorrows.

But from time to time, you’re hit by a strong sense of purposelessness, like your life has no meaning, and that you actually have no intrinsic value. You notice that your life foundation does not feel like a solid rock rather everything starts to become slippery. Those nihilistic feelings are dragging you into the misery and you deeply know that your whole life hasn’t been what you thought it was.

Here we are, on the pages of my blog. I have a question for you: Why do you believe those things? Those things.. that you are born into an existed world, from your mother and father, that you are so and so, that you like this or that... Why do you believe in these things? Where did your belief come from?

You're not born in an existing world. At the moment of coming into existence you have created the universe and everything in it including your world which again includes your mother and father, and of course yourself. Precisely, you create the universe at any moment of your existence. Your mind creates events and the ride is going on.

There was never any journey. You were never born, nor will you ever die. It is the idea that was born and will die, not you. By identifying yourself with it you became mortal and then you wonder what happened before and what will happen after. 

Look closely, and you will see that world is nothing but names and forms, which are transitory, that only your sense of presence can be said to be, the only unchanging thing in this world. You have your own private mind, woven with memories, held together by desires and fears. That is your world, your universe.

Freedom from identification with a set of memories and habits is the self-realization. It is the state of wonder at the reaches of your being, its creativity and the absolute fearlessness. Your "I am" sense, the sense of presence, partakes of both the real (your being) and the unreal (your mind) and it is a bridge between the two.

Cross the bridge and you will take a break from the world. Your feeling of stress and depression will be gone, forever.